3D Renderings

We realize it can be hard to visualize the changes that are going to be made during your remodel, which is why we use software to design 3D renderings – so you can be assured you’ll be satisfied with the result from the very beginning!

These 3D renderings are important for communicating what we will be modifying during your remodel. There is no need to worry if what you see on a blueprint is going to look good in person anymore! This is a valuable visualization too, allowing you to make smarter decisions.

3D walk-through renderings:

  • Illustrate depth, dimension & scale more effectively than blueprints

  • Allow you to virtually walk through the proposed changes to your home

  • Can spot potential issues with structural integrity and stability early in the design phase

  • Allow you to visualize how each change impacts the final result

  • Make the process more user friendly by showing your project in a format that looks like a real picture of one of your rooms

  • Help you stay within budget and on schedule

  • Gives us a tool to stay on the same page about how your remodel will look when it’s completed

  • Help us make precise measurements and catch potential design flaws before construction starts

Here is an example of what a 3D rendering walk-through for an accessible home addition remodel would look like:

Below are a few photos of 3D renderings from our various remodel projects:

3D rendering by Cedarburg Wisconsin Remodeler
3D rendering by West Bend Wisconsin Remodeler
3D rendering by West Bend Wisconsin Remodeler
3D rendering by Plymouth Wisconsin Remodeler
3D rendering by Port Washington Wisconsin Remodeler