There are SO many beneficial uses for technology for the aging at home and accessibility industries.  And tablets like the iPad provide a lightweight and manageable option for those who don’t have the space or funds for a laptop or desktop.

iPad use among seniors grew 190% during 2011 alone.  There are a variety of apps that those 65+ will find useful, like…

  • Apps for Learning (to keep the mind active)
    • Check out: clevermind, lumosity, Wikipanion, CogniFit, Khan Academy
  • Apps for Games (to challenge the mind)
    • Check out: Words with Friends, Crosswords, Chess & many more
  • Apps for News (to stay in the know)
    • Check out: BBC World News, NPR, CNN
  • Apps for Socializing (with other seniors, family & grandchildren)
    • Check out: Skype, Facetime, Facebook
  • Apps for Managing ones Health
    • Check out: Blood Pressure Tracker, WebMD, Pillboxie, MyMedical
  • Apps for Managing ones Fianances
    • Check out: Mint, Check
  • Apps for Entertainment
    • Check out: Pandora, Netflix, iBooks
  • Other useful everyday Apps:
    • Magnifying Glass, Big Calculator, VizWiz, Dragon Dictation, BIG Launcher

All of these apps are available on the iPad and some them are also available on Android devices as well!  Check your app store, try a few, and let us know what you think and what your favorites are in the comments!