As technology continues to advance rapidly and become more accessible to people, so will it’s abuse by scammers who are out to make a quick buck.  You can keep yourself protected by becoming educated on the latest scams and security measures that have been developed.  AARP’s recent article Cyber Scam Predictions for 2014 had a few new security issues we think you should be aware of.

Here are 4 cybersecurity issues in 2014 that you can protect yourself from:

  • Because smart TVs are connected to the internet and have cameras and microphones they are becoming more susceptible to cyber attacks (like remote spying).  Protect yourself by updating the security software on your smart television whenever a new update is available!
  • Ransomware scams will continue and mac users are more susceptible than they’ve ever been before.  With ransomware, your computer is frozen remotely by scammers, who display a screen that claims they are the FBI and have been monitoring  illegal online activity from your computer.  Of course they demand a fine be paid online.  Protect yourself…do NOT pay the fine.  But also be proactive and read up on protecting your mac devices from ransomware.


  • Facebook schemes are around to stay.  The goal of the various schemes is always the same: getting personal information out of you to sell to scammers.  Protect yourself by being cautious about hitting the “Like” button, especially if a prize is dangled in front of you!  And don’t provide personal information on your facebook page or for any facebook contest!

Cybersecurity Issues in 2014

Never ignore the security updates for any of your electronic devices.  It’s less stressful to take the time to learn about and install the updates now than it will be if one of your devices is attacked!

If you have other tips about protecting yourself from cyberattacks, please share with us in the comments below!