When we talk to aging individuals about our services and products, some tell us they don’t need accessibility and safety products or home modifications to their bathrooms yet, such as grab bars or a zero curb shower.  However, if you will be upgrading the bathroom at some point, why not choose stylish  items and modifications that will make safety and accessibility a priority?

Universal Design consists of  principles that homes should incorporate to allow the greatest extent of use by people, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.  Even if you don’t think you need an accessible bathroom now, having a Universally Designed bathroom has many benefits, including preparing for your future.

Accessible Bathroom with Wheel in Shower

Having a Universally Designed bathroom also means your guests (with our without physical challenges) will be able to use your bathroom easier and more safely when they visit.  Or, if you or a family member ever has an injury leading to reduced mobility and use of crutches or a wheelchair, you’ll have a bathroom that makes it a easier to get around.  A Universally Designed home and bathroom can also be a great selling point that increases your marketability.  These upgrades are simply more convenient and safer for everybody, regardless of age & ability.  

Check out this article from the Universal Design for Accessibility blog.  It has some great suggestions for upgrades and products that will make your bathroom safer for you, your family, and guests, now and into the future!  Head over to our services and products pages to learn more about how SAL can design and remodel your new accessible bathroom!