Handyman Services

We understand that some homeowners need simple home improvement projects, from hanging pictures to appliance or floor installation. No matter the size of the job you’re looking to have done, we will complete it with care and attention to detail! Here are some examples of projects we are ready to help you with:

~ General Repairs (doors, windows, locks, handles, etc.)

~ Fence, Gate, Deck & Patio Repair, Installation & Maintenance

~ Power Washing

~ Gutter Cleaning

~ Furniture, Playground, Playset Assembly & Repairs

~ Mailbox Replacement & Repair

~ Painting, Caulking & Grouting

~ Picture, Mirror, TV Mount, Shelf, Blind & Curtain Installation

~ Light & Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

~ Flooring Installation & Repair

~ Cabinet Installation & Repair

~ Drywall & molding Repair

~ Faucet, Toilet & Shower Fixture Repair & Installation

~ Appliance Repairs

~ HVAC maintenance (changing filters, installing thermostat, etc.)

~ Custom built storage solutions

~ Weatherproofing (sealing windows, doors, gaps to improve efficiency)

  • Vaulted Ceiling Fan Installed by Smart Accessible Living
  • Double Stair Railings Installed by Smart Accessible Living
  • separate entrance for accessible basement remodel

Remodeling Services

  • cedarburg wisconsin kitchen rennovation
  • west bend wisconsin home remodel

Our remodeling services will provide you the variety of resources needed to meet all of your homes need.  Regardless of the nature or scale of remodeling services you require, no job is too large or small to help you live happily in your home!

Accessible remodeling is customized remodeling focused on your specific needs. We get to know you and your family, and work with your caregivers, health professionals, and/or social workers to understand what modifications would make life at home easier and more enjoyable. Once we understand your unique challenges we can provide the best adaptive solutions possible. If applicable, we also make suggestions for smart technology integration and products that could make your life at home more safe and efficient. Accessible remodeling may incorporate:

~ Wheelchair accessible zero-curb showers

~ Custom indoor & outdoor ramps

~ Zero clearance door entrances

~ Doorway widening

~ Floor leveling

~ Roll under vanity and kitchen cabinets

~ Grab bars

~ Lever door handles

~ Toggle light switches

~ Swing-free door hinges

~ Adjustable mirrors

~ Small threshold mini-ramps

~ Pathway and nightlight illumination

~ Heating & cooling programing

~ Key-less entry

~ Occupancy sensors

~ Automatic door openers

~ Home video and audio monitoring

Residential Building Consulting

If you would like to take on your own residential remodel or home build we are here to help guide you with any or all parts of the process – from planning, to permit, hiring subcontractors, and passing the inspection process! With our extensive expertise we are here to offer advice and be a valuable resource for homeowners.

~ Project Planning & Design

  • site selection & feasibility
  • review of zoning regulations
  • conceptualizing design ideas

~ Construction Management

  • guidance, oversight & coordination with contractors
  • review of project schedules
  • monitoring quality control

~ Cost Estimation and Budgeting

  • estimating costs considering factors such as materials, labor & permits
  • provide guidance on budget allocation & cost-saving measures

~ Building Code Compliance

  • ensure project compliance with local building codes & regulations
  • ensure proper permits are obtained & displayed

~ Quality Assurance & Inspections

  • conduct quality checks at various stages of construction to ensure adherence to specifications
  • identify potential issues & recommend corrective actions if needed

~ Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

  • provide advice on energy-efficient and sustainable materials, products, systems, & strategies
  • identify ways to reduce the environmental impact of the building
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